Spanish government criticises TV celebrity for alleged child surrogacy

Spanish government criticises TV celebrity for alleged child surrogacy
Опубликовано: Friday, 31 March 2023 10:03

Spanish ministers criticized a 68 year-old TV actress for allegedly adopting a child through a surrogate in the United States. This practice is illegal in Spain.

The headline of the article is ‘Ana Obregon: Mother of a surrogate baby girl’ and it claims to be exclusive. Obregon does not quote, cite sources or state whether she was financially compensated by a surrogate mother.

She shared a photo of the magazine cover on Instagram and wrote: "We’ve got caught!" My darkness was brought to my attention by a light filled with love. I will never again be alone. I AM ALIVE AGAIN."

Obregon’s biological only child, Aless Lequio (age 27), died from cancer in 2020.

Spain is among EU countries that ban surrogacy.

Three ministers from the Spanish government publicly criticized the surrogacy report, despite the fact that it was legal and had been reported in a magazine from abroad.

Equality Minister Montero said that it is a form violence against women. He also stated that there was a clear poverty bias towards surrogate mothers who are financially insecure.


Presidency Minister Felix Bolanos, and Budget Minister Maria Jesus Montero echoed her criticisms.

Bolanos stated that women’s bodies shouldn’t be sold or rented to satisfy anyone’s needs.

A contract for commercial surrogacy allows a woman to get pregnant and have a child in return for financial compensation.

Critics compare it to human trafficking, while the United Nations defines it as "sale by children under human rights laws". It is against the law in the European Union.

Surrogacy advocates claim it allows LGBT and infertile couples to create families. This is more than traditional adoption.

People who are seeking to have a surrogate baby often travel to countries with more relaxed laws because of restrictions in their country.

Italy’s conservative majority stated this week that it will pursue those who travel abroad to have a surrogate baby.

Spanish law reform last year also prohibited advertising surrogacy. Legal adoption is the only way to recognize surrogacy-related parentage.

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