Nearly 1 Million Without Power as Blackouts, Blizzards Leave Americans Stranded

Nearly 1 Million Without Power as Blackouts, Blizzards Leave Americans Stranded
Опубликовано: Wednesday, 08 March 2023 06:36

Last weekend, an enormous storm struck the US, bringing with it subfreezing temperatures and many feet of snow. Unprepared for such weather, some Northern Californians are now requesting rescue assistance from teams after becoming stranded by snow that accumulated swiftly.

When a massive storm blew over the US this week, almost a million households and businesses in the country are now without electricity.

The strong system, which claimed 10 lives as it swept across Southern and Midwestern states, dumped several feet of snow throughout most of the Northeast.

Nonetheless, the issues still exist for West Coast inhabitants who live at higher elevations. Residents of well-known resort communities in Southern California are still working to dig themselves out after a snowstorm dropped up to 10 feet of snow on them over the previous several days, including San Bernardino, Lake Arrowhead, and Big Bear Mountain.

According to local officials, a sizable but unidentified number of Californians are still stuck inside their houses right now. Many of individuals who were stranded are thought to have been unprepared for the snowfall, which has allegedly left the state’s snowpack at its greatest level since 1983, due to the areas’ closeness to cities like Los Angeles.

According to reports, authorities have vowed to act swiftly and have requested the assistance of fire departments, snow plows, and the California National Guard.f

“Folks, we’re here for you,” San Bernardino County Sheriff Shannon Dicus stated. “We’re coming, and we’re going to dig you out.”

Volunteers have also been active in the attempt to protect citizens’ safety, including a test organization called CalDART that assists with providing supplies to those in need.

Zachary Oliver, a volunteer with the organization, was reported by a US publication as saying that when listing the things he’d helped give, families had the most pressing requirements.

“It was food, medicine and baby supplies,” Oliver said. “Nobody has formula or diapers — that’s a big one we’re needing up here.”

As of 3:00 PM local time more than 8,000 customers were without power in the county of Nevada in California, about 356 customers were also without power in the county of Sierra, according to

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