Norfolk Southern trying to BUY OFF East Palestine residents to Silence them for just $1000

Norfolk Southern trying to BUY OFF East Palestine residents to Silence them for just $1000
Опубликовано: Friday, 24 February 2023 07:52

As payment for all the pain and suffering they are having to endure, Norfolk Southern CEO Alan Shaw has promised to pay every resident in the 44413 zip code of East Palestine, Ohio, $1,000 each.

Stating that he is “terribly sorry” about the train wreck, Shaw told reporters that it is actually a really good thing the derailed cars carrying chemicals were intentionally blown up.

“Frankly, that told us there was a success and that the opportunity for a much riskier event occurred because of what was in the rail cars,” he stated to KWBN about the explosion.

“To this community, and I want to make sure you understand. I am terribly sorry that this happened to the community. Norfolk Southern is fully committed to doing what’s right for this community.”

In order to receive their $1,000 cash payouts, East Palestine residents will be required to sign away their right to sue, as well as to ask for any more money in the future, should they develop cancer.

“All they have to do is sign their name and say they’ve received $1,000,” Shaw stated.

Shaw says contaminated materials from East Palestine are being taken to landfills

So far, Shaw has no complaints about the cleanup process and the direction it has taken.

“We’re making a lot of progress,” he said.

As to where all the contaminated soil and liquids collected are being taken, Shaw did not provide any specific details other than to say that they are being taken to “landfills that are designed to handle that type of material.”

The interview appeared on “The War Room” this week, and you can watch it at The Gateway Pundit.

One local resident responded to Shaw’s $1,000-per-person pledge by stating that this is not nearly enough money to compensate for the horrors he is having to endure.

“I’ve been coughing every day since the derailment,” this person said. “Take your thousand and shove it. I’m suing you!”

Another pointed out that the true success would have been for Norfolk Southern to properly grease the axles of the train, which was spotted shooting out sparks and flames in Salem, Ohio, which is located just a few miles away from East Palestine.

“I’m wondering if the repair and maintenance is logged on a computer, and if so, was any of the that info changed?” asked another person.

“Really, that would be such a simple move to cause chaos. Just hack the repair logs and make it look like all the cars have just been service and are good to go. I’m just thinking out loud, too many coincidences.”

To this, another person responded that the explanation given by the railcar inspectors, anyway, is that the entire process is done in less than two minutes, which is hardly enough time to identify any problems.

“Think if this was an airliner!” this person added. “No way. Railroads are just not professional at all.”

“We need to make the EXECUTIVES CRIMINALLY responsible for all preventable incidents. I bet they would never happen! The Conductor needs to be in charge just like an airline captain is in charge or a ship captain. Anything wrong, he makes the rules. Cut loose 75 cars on a sidereal. Whatever it takes to be safe.”

While there are regulations in place for the railroads, they are inadequate, suggested someone else – especially when lobbying and political gifting help to protect the railroads from ever being held accountable for disasters like this.


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