Italy is DEAD, A Rotting Dead Corpse Invaded by Maggots

Italy is DEAD, A Rotting Dead Corpse Invaded by Maggots
Опубликовано: Monday, 18 September 2023 14:45

Behold the once great ROMAN Empire what has come of it…. a rotting dead corpse invaded by tens of thousands of Nubians in just a few hours…. and all of this under the leadership of fake nationalist Meloni. Meloni as you can see is like Trump. A fake nationalist… All of this is happening under her nose just like Trump was all talk, no action in USA so is Meloni the same in Italy. In fact not only the invasion goes on but this might just be the highest ever intake of invaders in a single day EVER for the entirety of Italy.

Matteo Salvini is also a fake nationalist. All of our respect for him has gone out the window after this. Remember, this man is a DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER RIGHT NOW in Italy!!!!!!!!!!! All of this is happening right under his nose and Giorgia Meloni’s nose. It is now obvious that the Italian nationalist movement was all a scam just like “the Trump Train” in America. How can you allow this and call yourself nationalist and then go on TV and bark: “Ohhh Im a nationalist, I want to make Italy Italian and I oppose immigration and bla bla bla!?” Have these people no shame? As you can see, they don’t… they are lying to you in your face.

So if life can’t be normal in Italy even under so-called nationalist government then its probably best for Italians to just pack their bags and leave the country, move East Europe where life is still a little bit more normal… more exactly Romania would be their best destination as the two countries are both culturally and linguistically related. It is certain at this point that Italy is DEAD and almost fully conquered by non-Europeans. It has become an African peninsula. This land is lost, it will never be recovered. not even with tanks. It is best to just pack your bags, leave Italy and never look back.

The situation on the Italian island of Lampedusa is coming to a head, with the local government declaring a state of emergency after more than 6,000 illegal migrants were registered on the small Italian Mediterranean island on Tuesday.

Besides an influx of hundreds of boats sailing toward Italy’s harbors, scenes of violence were recorded, with migrants trying to break through police lines.

“Apocalypse on Lampedusa. Italian police are trying to keep illegal African migrants in check. Meanwhile, 160 boats have arrived with 8,000 illegals: just young, strong men who are migrating into our social systems,” wrote former Alternative for Germany (AfD) politician Georg Pazderski on X.

Mayor Filippo Mannino has responded by declaring a state of emergency on Wednesday evening, as reported by the Ansa news agency. He demanded more support for the small island, which he said is under “great stress.” Officially, the number of migrants on the island now outnumbers the actual residents.

“Everyone has helped in some way the migrants who needed help. But now it’s really time to look for a structural solution,” Mannino said. However, it is unclear what the state of emergency will actually achieve without concrete support from the ruling conservatives in Italy, who already declared a nationwide emergency in April as migration numbers soared via the Mediterranean route.

Apokalypse auf Lampedusa. Die italienische Polizei versucht, die illegalen afrikanischen Migranten in Schach zu halten.

Mittlerweile sind 160 Boote mit 8.000 Illegalen angekommen: nur junge, kräftige Männer, die in unsere Sozialsysteme

— Georg Pazderski (@Georg_Pazderski) September 13, 2023

This is Lampedusa last night after they were invaded by thousands of Africans.

This is the demographic replacement of Europeans happening in front of your

— Steve Laws ⬜ (@Steve_Laws_) September 14, 2023

Lampedusa, Italy – 10.000 migrants in 72 hours. RIP

— Bowner (@agentbowner) September 14, 2023

The island, which lies between Sicily and North Africa, has been a major center for migration for years. On Wednesday afternoon, hundreds of migrants tried to break through barriers, according to media reports and video posted to social media. A police spokesperson refused to comment on the chaos on the island.

Despite talk of solidarity on the issue of migration, there is growing tension between the left-wing German government and Italy’s conservative-led government, with Germany suspending the voluntary admission of illegal migrants from Italy.

Tego chce w Polsce lewactwo.

— Dominik Tarczyński MEP (@D_Tarczynski) September 14, 2023

African illegal migrants are now blocking the roads in protest. They have just arrived in Italy and already they are demanding better food, money and to be sent to the mainland. There are still thousands of them on the island@GiorgiaMeloni send the *ucking army!!!!!#Lampedusa

— Filippo Maria O di B

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