TikToker who Claims is a Time Traveler says the Aliens will Invade Earth Next Year in 2024

TikToker who Claims is a Time Traveler says the Aliens will Invade Earth Next Year in 2024
Опубликовано: Monday, 27 March 2023 07:18

A ‘time-traveler’ who warned of an alien abducting 8,000 people on March 23 has claimed that the extra terrestrial has come and gone from Earth, making its departure around 7.30pm EST.

The captured humans will allegedly protect us from the next alien invasion, which the space-aficionado claims is scheduled for ‘mid 2024’.

TikToker Eno Alaric – who goes by @theradiantimetraveller and claims to be from the year 2671 – stressed that yesterday would mark a tumultuous day in which ‘The Champion’ would bring its hostages to a habitable planet.

And in their most recent clip, the creator, who is understood to be based in the US, announced that the species had indeed made its arrival at 2pm and ‘was looking for the best engineers, scientists, doctors and leaders’.

‘The 8,000 have a long journey ahead of them,’ Eno added. ‘About four years, since The Champion can travel faster than light.’

A previous break-down of the abducted suggested it will include around 200 doctors, 1000 farmers, 1000 engineers and mechanics ‘and many more’.

The video went on to claim that the hostages are ‘what keep the human species alive, from inside and outside threats’.

However, it would seem it’s not all good news.

‘Mankind is a threat to itself in many ways,’ Eno continued. ‘Such as fighting, and causing the first nuclear winter.’

They also warned that yet another alien species – The Distants – is now on its way to Earth and will arrive sometime next year.

The TikToker explained that they ‘own’ Earth, and that the Pyramid of Giza is their ‘mark of ownership and control’.

In a previous video, The Distants were branded ‘very hostile’ and on a mission to take back the planet that’s originally theirs.

Apparently, humans became ‘more advances than the aliens thought’, as Eno claims we will soon be facing them in our firs space battle.

‘I want you all to know that you are safe,’ they reassured. ‘I am trying to warn you all of what’s to come.’

In another clip, the ‘time-traveler’ also predicted that this month would see ‘The Lost City of Atlantis’ threaten everyone with a ‘man made flood, that can cover the entire world’.

Eno also alleges that on April 9, a very famous celebrity will reveal that they faked their death, and on June 12 – a earthquake will open a five-mile deep trench which will unveil species previously thought to be extinct.

The account posts more than 397,100 followers, with their videos raking up some 1.6 million likes.

The creator has previously made videos about twin planets with Earth, portals opening up to other dimensions, and alien visitors.

And they say another global pandemic is on the way – just as the polar icecaps melt away due to global warming.

Eno has even offered a year-by-year breakdown of the future.

In 2025, they say the first colonies will arrive on Mars – finding human bones which prove humans first came from the red planet.

And in 2026, the largest solar flare in history will hit Earth. This will cause a global black-out and no electricity for six weeks.

And in 2027 a worm hole will open up by Mars.

But some viewers are skeptical, saying Eno’s previous ‘predictions’ didn’t back up.

One said: ‘What about the 10 people getting superpowers? That did not happen.’

Another wrote: ‘What about that big meteor that was supposed to hit the Earth this month?’

A third noted: ‘If it’s gonna end soon, then how were you alive in 2671?’


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