USA Today Picks Biological Man As ‘Woman of the Year’ For Second Year Running

USA Today Picks Biological Man As ‘Woman of the Year’ For Second Year Running
Опубликовано: Monday, 27 March 2023 07:08

USA Today has once again chosen a biological male who identifies as transgender as its ‘woman of the year’.

USA Today now has a habit of picking biological men as ‘woman of the year’, having last year decided that Biden’s assistant secretary of health and human services Rachel Levine was worthy of the award.

This time, USA Today’s chosen transgender woman is Leigh Finke, who is an advocate for children having the right to undergo sex changes without parental consent.

Finke made history in November as the first transgender legislator to be appointed to the Minnesota House of Representatives.

USA Today says the awards are a way of highlighting “local and national heroines who make a positive impact in their communities every day.”

Finke has made it a priority to ensure children are allowed to have access to gender altering surgery, recently sponsoring a bill to make Minnesota a “trans refuge state.”

As we highlighted last week, the Democrat Governor and lieutenant governor of the state are on an executive mission to force state agencies to push “gender-affirming” health care.

Governor Tim Walz has labeled efforts to halt trans surgery on children as “persecution,” vowing to “make sure that Minnesota’s place as a welcoming, loving, neighborly state where you are welcome and will be free of persecution or anything else that we’re trying to see in some other states.”

Minnesota is also one of the states where shocking trans and gay porn books have been placed into school libraries, seemingly unbeknownst to school officials.


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