US and EU accuse China of nullifying patents and Copying, Stealing Western Technology

US and EU accuse China of nullifying patents and Copying, Stealing Western Technology
Опубликовано: Sunday, 26 February 2023 06:54

The WSJ reported this week that Chinese courts are invalidating patents owned by Western companies in fields considered crucial for the nation. The publication quoted US and EU officials who once more charged Beijing with stealing Western technologies.

The officials assert that Beijing is violating international intellectual property rights while assisting Chinese enterprises by utilizing its courts and patent panels. They note that the efforts are concentrated on sectors crucial to the country, such as technology, medicines, and rare-earth minerals.

The media site claims that a Chinese court invalidated a ten-year-old patent held by a US manufacturer of X-ray equipment, while a Shanghai court ruled against an unidentified Spanish designer of mobile antennas.

According to reports, a Chinese court found that a Japanese company violated antitrust rules when it refused to provide a Chinese rival a technological license.

The rivalry between the US and China for economic and technical supremacy is the main source of the conflict. A rising number of limitations have been imposed by the US on China’s technical industry. Washington restricted the transfer of chips to China in October.

China, for its part, has charged its adversary with politicking science and technology to preserve American dominance in such fields. US has charged China of stealing US technology and using them improperly for military purposes.

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