Church of England Will Bless Gay Civil Unions

Church of England Will Bless Gay Civil Unions
Опубликовано: Sunday, 12 February 2023 06:38

After its General Synod voted in support of the proposal, the Church of England will now bless same-sex civil partnerships, its two top clergymen, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, declared on Thursday.

While acknowledging that “the church continues to have significant divisions on these topics,” the archbishops stated in a statement that “for the first time, the Church of England will openly, freely and joyously welcome same-sex couples in church.” They stressed that individuals “for whom this goes too far” were “committed to respect” by the Church.

The body debated the issue for more than eight hours before voting 250 to 181 against it to pass it. The measure was first submitted last month. During the process, it was made clear that the decision did not depart from the Church’s established doctrine, which forbids same-sex unions.

According to the BBC, York’s Archbishop Stephen Cottrell emphasized that “no one needs to supply these services and no one would be disadvantaged if they don’t.”

The outcome was revealed by bishops along with a request for suggestions for same-sex blessings. These suggestions will be included in a book titled “Prayers of Love and Faith” that the House of Bishops plans to publish later this year after some editing. The Church stated that their usage will be observed over the following five years. The disappointment of those wishing for complete equality under religious law stems from the fact that same-sex couples will still be unable to legally wed in churches.

According to Nigel Pietroni, director of the Church’s Campaign for Equal Marriage, the Synod’s compromise “falls short of what we ultimately feel is the only solution for radical inclusion – equal marriage for all people.”

The Evangelical Council expressed regret that the Church had rejected its “historical and biblical perspective of sex and marriage,” claiming the decision had “resolved nothing and has only helped to exacerbate divides.” The Archbishop of Canterbury was mocked and his “ability to govern” was questioned by the Global South Fellowship of Anglican Churches.

The Church of England made a formal apology to the LGBTQ community last month, apologizing for its prior “hostile and discriminatory attitude” to same-sex marriages and declaring that it regrets the “shameful” actions.

Leader of the House of Commons Penny Mordaunt urged “parishes and clergy to conduct marriages for same-sex couples, or at a minimum, approve blessings” in a letter to the bishops last month.

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