Clever Ways to Protect Your TikTok Account from Hackers

Clever Ways to Protect Your TikTok Account from Hackers
Опубликовано: Thursday, 06 April 2023 16:21

TikTok is a Chinese content-creation platform available in more than 150 countries. Due to its popularity and huge number of users, you should be highly protective of your TikTok account. TikTok is a haven for spammers, hackers, cyberbullies, and other unwanted characters. In this writeup, we’ll discuss important tips and security settings to help secure your TikTok account.

Make Your TikTok Profile Private

Your TikTok activities can attract good and bad attention. If you don’t want everyone to see what you share on TikTok, making your profile private is advisable. Making it private will only approve your followers to see your likes and posts. This also means removing unwanted followers from the page (you). But remember, a private profile’s description is still visible to all TikTokers.

Be Wary of the Links

Sharing links is the most common trick criminals will use to access your device and information. Cybercriminals can share malicious links on your TikTok DM (direct message) or through videos. You can accidentally download a virus or trojan on your device if you click these links. So, always cross-check the TikTok link to ascertain that it’s legit.

Create a Strong Password

This point is self-explanatory. Ensure your TikTok account password is unique, with at least eight characters consisting of numbers, letters, and symbols. Avoid using straightforward passwords like your name, date of birth, current year, etc. In addition, don’t use your TikTok password on any other account. Write down a list of passwords you use on separate accounts to ensure safety if one of them is breached.

Don’t Share Critical Information

This goes to young and old TikTokers, especially teenagers. Scammers can tell you to provide your ID number or credit card number before triggering a reward package. If you receive such message from a stranger on TikTok, don’t share your information. You don’t even have to respond to such messages. Don’t share any information with anyone on TikTok, even if you know the person. There are other more secure channels like email and WhatsApp to exchange vital data.

Block Your Profile from Recommendations

TikTok will recommend your profile to other TikTokers by default. And yes, this is even if your account is in private mode. For example, TikTok can recommend you to someone in your country or if you have common friends on the platform. Thankfully, the app allows you to avoid getting into the recommendations list. Head to the Privacy settings and disable “Allow others to find me.”

Exploit the Restricted Mode

Sometimes parents can be worried about their children’s safety on TikTok. Thankfully, TikTok introduced the inbuilt restricted mode. This mode filters out all mature content to prevent your kids from viewing violent or explicit content. Remember that hackers often lie low on immoral TikTok content. We also recommend using a parental control app to monitor your child’s TikTok activities remotely.

Beside TikTok

With these tips, you can always keep your TikTok data safe. However, your personal data is most likely in the hands of dozens if not hundreds of companies like other social media sites, data brokerage sites, and search engines. Keeping your personal data private is more difficult and time consuming than you might think. But the bare minimum is to make sure that when you Google your name no crucial PII comes up in the search results. If that happens, you can simply remove your personal details from appearing on Google search.

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