Bizarre Wars: German army goes full Darth Vader at space command launch

Bizarre Wars: German army goes full Darth Vader at space command launch
Опубликовано: Thursday, 06 April 2023 13:55

No Ewoks in sight as Germany opens orbital defense HQ.

BERLIN — Well thought out, this was not.

Germany’s army has embraced the dark side with the launch of its military space command, featuring characters straight out of the evil Galactic Empire seen in the iconic Star Wars film series.

Rather than swashbuckling Jedi knights wielding plastic lightsabers, the German army this week opened its new space command headquarters with military top brass surrounded by Darth Vader and a cast of cosplay stormtroopers.

The Star Wars franchise partly based its evil, authoritarian Galactic Empire, presided over by Darth Vader, on aspects of the ideology underpinning the Nazi party in 1930s and 40s Germany.

The €40 million space command building — which does not resemble the spherical Death Star of the films — includes 122 offices, with two rooms allowing constant space surveillance monitoring systems and a backup power and air conditioning unit, the German army said.

The command will share the drab office complex with Germany’s aerospace research agency, consolidating two of Germany’s space assets in one place. “Finally, we are all under one roof,” said the chief of space command, Major General Michael Traut.

The move is the latest effort by space-faring countries to open up military units tasked exclusively with orbital defense, and protecting satellite assets in space. In light of increased attention by member countries, NATO has also formally designated space as its fifth theater of conflict.

Germany’s space command launch isn’t the first time a national army has played with culture when dealing with orbital missions.

The French air force held a space war game exercise last year dubbed AsterX, based on the comic series Asterix, while the official U.S. Space Force logo bears a striking resemblance to the Star Trek delta.

The space command did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but a video of the full event says the stormtroopers were there to raise funds for an army-affiliated charity.

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