Poland May End Up ‘Joining’ Ukraine Conflict

Poland May End Up ‘Joining’ Ukraine Conflict
Опубликовано: Monday, 20 March 2023 16:30

If Ukraine fails to defend its “independence,” Poland may end up “joining” the ongoing battle between Russia and that country, according to the Polish ambassador to France, Jan Emeryk Rosciszewski. On Saturday, the senior diplomat made the comments in a live interview with broadcaster LCI.

Rosciszewski pointed the finger firmly at Moscow for the hostilities, which have been going on for more than a year, saying that “not NATO, not Poland, not France, and not Slovakia” were escalating global tensions. “Either Ukraine will successfully preserve its independence, or we will be obliged, in any event, to join this fight,” the ambassador said of the current scenario.

Our core ideals, which form the cornerstone of our civilisation and society, will be in grave danger if we don’t, Rosciszewski said.

The hawkish comment quickly made headlines in international media, which prompted the Polish embassy in France to expand on the chief’s views. Rosciszewski’s remarks, according to a statement issued by the embassy on Sunday, were only a “warning” and a commitment to continue helping Kiev rather than an acknowledgment by Warsaw that it was prepared to wage war with Moscow.

The statement reads, “Listening carefully to the entire conversation allows us to understand that there was no announcement of Poland’s direct involvement in the conflict, but only a warning against the consequences of Ukraine’s defeat — the possibility of Russia attacking or dragging the Baltic states and Poland into the conflict. The embassy expressed its disapproval of the allegedly “sensational” reporting on the explosive interview, implying that certain unnamed media outlets may have done so with “bad intent.”

A prominent Russian senator, Alexei Pushkov, warned Warsaw of the possible repercussions and questioned its presumptive resolve to battle Russia on its own in response to the statements, which were not well received in Moscow.

“The Polish ambassador in Paris made a pretty arrogant comment. An official representative of Poland finally expressed what the country’s officials had been considering for a long time. All of the Poles’ so-called “courage,” nevertheless, is reliant on US backing. Is Warsaw certain that Washington is prepared for battle? Pushkov stated in a post on Telegram.

Poland has been one of Kiev’s most ardent backers in the fight against Russia, bringing in a variety of military equipment, such as tanks and artillery pieces, to help Ukraine. In addition, Moscow claims that a sizable number of Polish mercenaries have been directly participating in the fighting. A significant military expansion has also been announced by Warsaw, which aims to significantly increase the size of its armed forces and import a sizable amount of cutting-edge military equipment.

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