Pope Francis speaks out against gender ideology

Pope Francis speaks out against gender ideology
Опубликовано: Tuesday, 14 March 2023 06:33

On Friday, Pope Francis reaffirmed his opposition to transgenderism, calling it a “dangerous doctrine” and asserting that those who support it are mistaken if they think they are on the “road to development.”

In an interview with Argentina’s La Nacion newspaper, the pope stated that gender ideology was one of the most pernicious intellectual colonizations in existence today. “Why is it risky? As a result, distinctions and the worth of men and women are blurred.

Over the years, the pontiff has opposed gender theory several times, all the while emphasizing the need to welcome and care for transgender individuals pastorally. For instance, he has warned that gender ideology is a part of a “global assault” against marriage and the family and compared it to nuclear weapons and genetic engineering.

He regularly used the phrase “ideological colonization” to describe situations in which powerful governments and organizations demanded that poor nations adopt abortion, contraception, and Western ideals in order to receive help. For instance, he bemoaned the fact that students were being taught that they could choose their gender in 2016 to Catholic bishops. Why is this being taught? because the organizations and individuals that give you money also offer the books.

According to the pope, transgenderism denies the inherent distinctions between men and women. “The tension of diversity is all of mankind,” he declared. It will advance through enduring conflict over disagreements. The gender debate dilutes distinctions and unites everyone in a bland, uniform environment, which goes against the purpose of humanity.

In a statement released in June 2019, the Vatican’s Congregation for Catholic Education—which gives Catholic schools formal guidelines—dismissed gender ideology as “nothing more than a misguided understanding of freedom in the area of sentiments and wishes.” Such ideas, it was stated, aim to “annihilate the concept of nature.”

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