Climate fanatics want Electric Car batteries to have less capacity so people can’t travel very far

Climate fanatics want Electric Car batteries to have less capacity so people can’t travel very far
Опубликовано: Friday, 24 February 2023 07:52

It is not enough for people to just switch from gas-powered cars to electric vehicles (EVs) in order to fight global warming. The climate brigade also wants to forcibly limit the range of people’s EVs to ensure they do not drive “too much” and kill the planet.

A consortium of professors from California and members of the so-called “climate community” are pushing to make EV batteries less powerful in order to stop climate change. They also want to make passenger cars smaller, which they claim will “makes the roads far safer because smaller cars have fewer and less severe crashes.”

“Making bus routes, metros, and electric bikes faster, safer, and more convenient will disproportionately support low-income and non-white community members – who are more likely to live near high traffic areas and bear the environmental health burdens of relatively poorer air quality compared to higher-income and white counterparts,” the group further said.

The goal of this Climate Community Project, as its members are calling it, is to achieve a 71 percent reduction in personal vehicle ownership in the coming years. By trapping people at home, there will be less demand for energy, which will stop the polar ice caps from melting, we are told.

“A crucial aspect of electrified transportation is new demand for metals, and specifically the most nonreplaceable metal for EV batteries – lithium,” their report reads.

“If today’s demand for EVs is projected to 2050, the lithium requirements of the U.S. EV market alone would require triple the amount of lithium currently produced for the entire global market. This boom in demand would be met by the expansion of mining.”

All that mining, the report adds, generates not only environmental harm but also “social” harm, “in many cases irreversibly damaging landscapes without the consent of affected communities.”

“If today’s conditions are projected to 2050, U.S. EV demand for lithium alone would require triple the amount of lithium produced today for the global market.”

Climate fanatics also want to forcibly reduce the size of people’s homes

Another goal of the Climate Community Project is to massively reduce the size of people’s homes. Doing this will allow “more people to live in existing high-density urban spaces” as opposed to living in low-density suburbs.

Limiting the amount of lithium mining that takes place while forcing people to live in tiny “green” homes and drive EVs with subpar batteries will also help to save the world from climate change, the report concludes.

The group’s 2022 report, entitled “A Green New Deal for Transportation,” outlines the plan in greater detail. It urges politicians and policymakers to deploy these recommendations in order to align “climate, transit, and indigenous justice” across America.

“This report intends to empower people and policymakers across the country with the arguments, evidence, and proposals they need to advocate for a maximally just transportation future,” the report reads.

All of this is exactly what fake president Joe Biden and the rest of the socialist-Marxist cabal has planned for the United States. Their forced “green” transition will massively limit the average person’s ability to live and get around, all in the name of saving the planet.

“Lithium mines are hell on earth slavery,” one commenter wrote about how the entire EV industry is a farce.

“These people will eventually all have bounties on their heads,” wrote another about the climate extremists pushing all this tyranny.


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