Pakistani First Minister of Scotland Complains There Are Too Many White People

Опубликовано: Friday, 24 February 2023 07:52

There are far too many white people in Scotland, according to Scottish health secretary Humza Yousaf, who is the favorite to replace Nicola Sturgeon as First Minister after she shocked the world by suddenly resigning this week.

According to Yousaf, white people occupying leadership roles in Scotland is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. For the record, Scotland is 96% white according to the most recent census data.

Humza Yousaf emerged as the front runner to replace Nicola Sturgeon as Scotland’s first minister after pledging to uphold the radical left policy agenda that made her so deeply unpopular.

The health secretary said on Monday that he backed Sturgeon’s positions on same-sex marriage, abortion clinic buffer zones, and on transgender recognition changes.

A hate filled Pakistani immigrant belligerently complains that there are just too many Whites in Scotland.

— Robert Jones (@Robert____Jones) February 21, 2023

According to Yousaf, it would be a “really important seminal moment for the country” if he is elected as Scotland’s next first minister.

He would be the first Muslim and the first minority ethnic politician in the top job if he is elected to succeed Nicola Sturgeon following her shock resignation.

Regarded as the continuity candidate by some after more than 10 years in the Scottish Government, he insisted he has the experience to take on the top position.

Yousaf is running against Scottish Finance Secretary Kate Forbes and former community safety minister Ash Regan to be the next SNP leader and first minister.


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