Romanian Senator Claims Turkey’s Earthquake Was A Man-Made Attack with HAARP Weapon

Romanian Senator Claims Turkey’s Earthquake Was A Man-Made Attack with HAARP Weapon
Опубликовано: Monday, 13 February 2023 13:58

During her speech to the Romanian parliament last week, Senator Diana Lovanovici accused the West of using “geological weapons” to cause a devastating earthquake in Turkey.

“It is very clear to me that at this point, things at the international level have gotten out of hand, the fools are playing as God, and they think they have won the game,” the senator said. “Cause of these demented and psychopathic people who cause wars and cataclysms using unconventional weapons, we, humans, are just numbers they can get rid of.”

She also blasted the globalists for their role in a genocidal plot utilizing the “alleged pandemic” and what she described as the covid death jabs.

So far over 33000 people have died and tens of thousands have been injured after a huge 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Turkey and neighbouring Syria.

Is it possible that the earthquake was created by United States using HAARP technology?

Many, including Senator Lovanovici’ believe that the technology was used to punish Turkey for refusing to work with West.

Below is a tranlsated transcript of the Senator’s speech.



Romanian Senator Diana Lovanovici speaking in the Parliament on the uses of HAARP technology in Turkey.

“The fools are playing as God and they think they have won the game…”

“Warning to the psychopaths of…

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