Putin’s top TV propagandist: Let’s Hit London! Why not?

Putin’s top TV propagandist: Let’s Hit London! Why not?
Опубликовано: Tuesday, 14 February 2023 13:19

Vladimir Putin’s chief TV propagandist has called on Russia to strike London in a rant against Western nations and their support for Ukraine.

Vladimir Solovyov, who hosts shows on state-owned Russia-1, regularly unleashes tirades about how the country should wipe out its enemies with nuclear attacks.

His monologues have become increasingly hawkish since the Russian president launched the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, advocating for Moscow to sanction attacks against the West as Putin’s forces continue to struggle.

In his latest diatribe, Solovyov addressed the possibility of the British government sending warplanes to Ukraine. Kyiv has pleaded with Western nations for fighter jets amid reports Russia is planning a renewed onslaught to seize the country.

‘Can’t we finally strike at London? What is the problem?’ the host asked viewers of his Solovyov Live show, clips from which have since been translated.

‘No, no, no – only at military targets,’ he continued, as if reacting to someone taking issue with his suggestion. ‘Well, at the Parliament too,’ he added.

‘Well, they [Britain] are going to give planes [to Ukraine] to strike deep into Russia’s territory,’ he added, as if to justify striking London.

Solovyov went on to take issue with the fact that Britain – along with almost all members of the UN – recognises Crimea as being part of Ukraine, and not Russia.

After an internationally-unrecognised referendum held during the occupation of Crimea suggested the peninsular supported being part of Russia, the Russian-backed Crimean parliament declared independence from Ukraine.

Russia then illegally annexed the territory in 2014. The move was widely condemned by the international community at the time.

Solovyov said: ‘At the same time, they [Britain] cunningly say: “No, well, we just don’t recognise Crimea as Russia.” How about Kaliningrad?’ he asked rhetorically.

‘What do they want to tell us? That is, you will now determine what Russia is for you? Not the people living in Russia will determine it, not a referendum, not a vote, but you will determine what Russia is for us?

‘In that case, we will not recognise at all – for us there is not England at all. No France. No Germany.

‘Instead, there are Nazi states united by hatred for everything Russian,’ he said, parroting false claims by the Kremlin that Ukraine and its Western allies are run by Nazi governments. ‘

And so let’s get serious. Do they think there are no red lines?

‘Okay. Well let’s show them that there are no more red lines,’ he demanded.

‘Let’s strike! So that the first would ring. So that the Nazi b******* from [Emmanuel] Macron to [German chancellor Olaf] Scholz, from [German defence minister Boris] Pistorius to Rishi Sunak, would have their testicles tightened up and falling out of their ears from fear.

‘Maybe they will begin to understand something,’ he said, ending the monologue.

At an earlier point in the broadcast, Solovyov again called for preemptive nuclear strikes on Ukraine’s allies for supplying Kyiv with weapons.

He also attacked Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky for his recent visits to London, Paris and Brussels. He criticised the wartime leader for wearing his signature khaki uniform, despite Solovyov presenting his show in a similar camouflage outfit.

However, his rant was interrupted by technical issues, causing Solovyov to turn his fury on the studio technicians.

‘Why are we constantly having to take it? They’re supplying tanks, will give planes and missiles. Why aren’t we sinking it on approach?’ he asked, seemingly criticising Russia’s inaction over shipments of weapons to Ukraine.

‘Their ships are bringing Bradleys [tanks], why aren’t they being destroyed?

‘They are blowing up our gas pipelines, even their own press is writing that America did it! And we say, “No, no come on, these are red lines”.

‘Perhaps it’s enough already? Let’s change our doctrine by allowing a preemptive strike. Let’s hold exercises. Exercises for strategic and tactical nuclear weapons.’

Reading the comment feed on his live stream, Solovyov paused his threats to say that his viewers were telling him the broadcast had cut out.

‘They say our broadcast is lost. Guys, what’s going on?’ he asked the technicians.

‘Are we broadcasting on our Telegram channel? What is there to test if it’s not there? What’s there to test? It’s not there! What’s the deal with our technicians? Why are people writing me and you don’t see it?,’ he said angrily.

‘Find out why you’re not broadcasting on Telegram! Is there an answer or not?’


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