USA shot down UFO over Alaska

USA shot down UFO over Alaska
Опубликовано: Sunday, 12 February 2023 06:32

A US Air Force F-22 fighter jet shot down an “unidentified flying object” over Alaska on Friday. The agency has since been very limited with information about the object, but according to White House spokesman John Kirby, it was traveling at an altitude that potentially posed a danger to air traffic.

What it actually is is still unclear, but US authorities say it was likely unmanned.

Patrick Ryder, the Pentagon’s spokesman, does not want to categorize the object as a balloon and emphasizes that there are no similarities with the Chinese balloon that was shot down last week.

This is the second time in less than a week that US defense forces have been in a situation where they have had to shoot down a flying object over their own territory.

Just a few days ago, a Chinese hot air balloon flying over the United States was shot down.

The balloon was suspected of being used for espionage, but China claims it was used for research purposes.

So far, US authorities have been unable to provide any additional information about Friday’s object, including any description of its capabilities, purpose or origin.

According to Reuters this has led to speculation, because America’s top experts should be able to identify an object when they have had it for over a day, writes the news agency.

They have only confirmed that the object was about the size of a small car and that it is not similar in size or shape to the Chinese balloon.

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