African Suspect Arrested for Urinating on Homeless in Germany

African Suspect Arrested for Urinating on Homeless in Germany
Опубликовано: Monday, 03 April 2023 12:12

An African national was arrested for urinating on homeless people in Germany and recording video of himself in the act, according to authorities.

The disturbing incident unfolded on Thursday night in Düsseldorf.

Three young men got into an altercation with a vagrant near the central train station for unknown reasons, German police explained in a press release.

Subsequently, one of the youths took out his cell phone and filmed himself urinating on multiple homeless people in the area.

When one of the victims attempted to attack the suspect with a broken bottle, the teen pulled out a firearm and then the trio fled the scene.

A short time later, they were stopped and searched by officers on patrol, who discovered the suspect was armed and took him into custody.

“At the police station, the 18-year-old insulted and threatened the police officers and also became physically aggressive, so the officers finally had to take him to the ground. The cell phone was confiscated and the video secured,” authorities explained.

The suspect is reportedly a resident of Hamburg who holds both German and Nigerian passports.

An investigation is ongoing.

Attacks on vulnerable Europeans by migrants who record and share the footage to magnify the humiliation have become increasingly commonplace.


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