Italy rescues 32 migrants stuck on desert island via helicopter

Italy rescues 32 migrants stuck on desert island via helicopter
Опубликовано: Wednesday, 05 April 2023 11:02

Italy’s Coast Guard said on Monday (3 April) that it had to use a helicopter to rescue 32 migrants stranded on a deserted island in the central Mediterranean.

The Coast Guard stated that picking migrants from Lampione (part of the same archipelago) proved difficult via sea because of "particularly adverse" weather and sea conditions.

According to the statement, the helicopter transported the migrants to Lampedusa. This is the traditional landing place for sea migrants arriving from Libya and Tunisia.

According to ANSA, the migrants who were rescued are from Cameroon and Ivory Coast, Guinea, Mali, and Mali.

Charity Alarm Phone picked up calls from boats carrying migrants in distress Monday morning. It reported that a boat with approximately 500 people needed to be rescued in international waters off Libya.

A fatal shipwreck occurred in February when Italian police boats failed o intercept a migrant vessel in rough seas close to the coast of southern Calabria.

Over 90 people were killed, and charities as well as opposition politicians have asked why the Coast Guard with better-equipped vessels for high seas rescues didn’t intervene immediately.


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