Holocaust survivor says: ‘Fauci and Gates must be Hanged over Covid’

Holocaust survivor says: ‘Fauci and Gates must be Hanged over Covid’
Опубликовано: Friday, 17 March 2023 14:59

The globalist elite responsible for orchestrating the Covid pandemic must be charged with crimes against humanity and sentenced to death, according to Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav who says Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci are modern-day Nazis who are continuing the Nazi eugenics program under different names.

According to Sharav, who gained her freedom after spending three years in Nazi concentration camps in Romania and Ukraine, she recognised “ominous signs” at the start of the Covid pandemic and realized the global elite were using the same playbook as Hitler’s Germany to instill fear in the population as a control mechanism.

“Covid, it was launched – we now know it didn’t come from nature,” Sharav told Owen Shroyer on Infowars, “it was launched and those who launched it have a political and financial agenda. Part of it is to take away everything that we hold dear. Our freedom, our conscience. That is exactly what the Nazis did. They obliterated moral norms and values. Human values. And medicine, the perversion of medicine under the Nazis, that is what I am seeing now as well.”

“We’ve been seeing it in stages and that’s the way it happened under the Nazis as well. And the excuse in both instances was the same: a national emergency. Hitler declared a national emergency when he took power in January 1933. He discarded the constitution and all legal rights and human rights as it went along.

“The same thing happened in March 2020 when leaders and state officials of all the countries in Western Europe, Australia, Canada and the United States declared a state of emergency. Based on what? There was no real evidence of such an emergency. Emergencies used to be defined by the number of deaths. But that’s not what happened. They were counting PCR tests which are known to have mainly false positives to shut down and essentially shift the wealth from local businesses to global businesses.”

Just as the original Nazis went door-to-door confiscating property, the modern day Nazis engaged in mass theft.

“This was an outrageous expropriation of property,” said Sharav.

“The real weapons that were used both by the Nazis and now are fear and propaganda. People have been glued to television and everything they have been told about Covid was a lie. There wasn’t a single order that was given was about our health. Nothing was about improving our health. It was only about getting us to obey under fear. People should never act under fear because they don’t really think then. To divert to the authorities is a dereliction of adults and a crime against children.”

“We now have the FDA and CDC both now pushing four shots. These shots, there are so many deaths from them. No other vaccine has had these kinds of deaths. And they are pushing these shots on six month old babies? “

“That’s depravity.”

Sharav explained that Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci and World Economic Forum officials are clearly psychopathic modern-day Nazis and they are engaged in the same dark practices as Hitler’s Nazis.

“Once you’ve seen it, once you recognize it and you can’t unsee it. There is a whole conspiracy of silence about the truth and the truth in many facets. The truth about eugenics, which is absolutely alive and well, just not in that terminology. But in public health they do believe they do believe that some people are more valuable than other people. And who decides that, the public health official?

“This was eugenics all over again.

“People don’t realize that eugenics didn’t die with the Nazis. It just went underground and they changed the terminology. It’s genetics now, and bioethics and that sort of thing. But what they did with the elderly in March and April, when they medically murdered them… For example, when Gov. Cuomo gave total immunity to hospitals and nursing homes, and then predicted that ‘this virus in nursing homes will be like fire though dry grass.’ This is premeditated mass murder. More than 15,000 elderly New Yorkers were medically murdered.”

“Now the Nazis, the very first medical victims under the Nazis were not Jews. They were German infants and young children. Their crime was that they had some disability. They took them from their parents, lied to their parents, told them the children would be getting special treatment for their health, then they were medically murdered. Doctors signed false death certificates stating the children died of natural causes. That program was called T4. That medical program was expanded to children of all ages, then to the mentally ill, and then to the elderly. These were the people declared ‘useless eaters not fit for life.’ And the same thing happened in March and April all over Western Europe and five states in the United States who gave medical murder orders.”

It is vital that people continue to wake up to the reality of the globalist agenda, according to Sharav.

“There are a lot of policies that are being enacted on us that are against our interests, against our wishes, and it is totally against the constitution. They have no right to do it,” said Sharav.

This is why she is deciding to speak out now and warn America and the West about the agenda of the elites.

“During these horrible three years we have been living through, I came to realize, as did other Holocaust survivors, that our survival was for a purpose. And right now is the purpose. We have to speak out. Part of it is that we are afraid that we will be the last to remember what happened then. And we have to have moral safeguards to prevent it from happening again. Because just saying ‘never again’ doesn’t mean very much.”


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