’Gang of Immigrants’ Assault, Curse Out School Boys in Finland in Degradation Video

’Gang of Immigrants’ Assault, Curse Out School Boys in Finland in Degradation Video
Опубликовано: Thursday, 16 March 2023 20:28

Two young boys were attacked and cursed out by a ‘gang of immigrants’ in Finland, according to reports.

It is unclear exactly when and where the disturbing incident took place but a viral video began circulating on social media on Friday night, Samnytt reports.

Footage shows two boys who are forced to kneel on icy ground by a group of antagonists who appear to be of Middle Eastern descent.

One of the assailants rips a hood off one boy’s head so his face is fully exposed.

The attackers yell and curse at their victims, at one point using the phrase “bitch boy.”

The victims are repeatedly shoved and struck before the video ends.

Some reports indicate the victims are around 13 years old and their attackers appear to be roughly the same age.

Attacks on European youths by migrants who record and share the footage to magnify the humiliation have become increasingly commonplace.


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