The Technological Age Collapse

The Technological Age Collapse
Опубликовано: Tuesday, 14 March 2023 17:27

If you are even the slightest bit aware of what is happening to our country, you have probably said something like, “it can’t go on like this forever, eventually there is going to be a collapse.” From an economic perspective, you instinctively know that, eventually, you will run out of other people’s money. For decades now, you could tell how much a website’s audience was aware of reality and, therefore, how rightwing it is based on how many ads there were for disaster preparedness and food storage. For those with eyes to see, it is obvious that things are much more fragile than anyone wants to admit. 2020 was a peek behind that curtain for the few willing to look. Everyone with even the mildest rightward sensibilities knows things are in decline and our civilization, especially our standard of living, is on life support. It is not hard to see—if you are willing to see it.

You don’t have to be Nostradamus to see what the future holds for the United States. The societal breakdown, the rampant sexual degeneracy, the widespread loss of both basic and highly specialized skills, the destruction of our manufacturing base, and even the obesity and substantially declining physical health of the population all point to a cataclysm in the future.

But it is impossible to pinpoint exactly when the collapse will occur or if there will even be an exact moment, we can identify as “the collapse.”

It’s the End of the World As We Know It

After 2020, everyone has noticed things we used to take for granted are gone. The world you grew up in, where grocery store shelves were always fully stocked, service workers actually provided service, potholes were repaired, roads were plowed in the winter, etc., now no longer exists. For nearly three years, every sign of decline was waved off as “supply chain problems” or “worker shortages,” all related to the Fauci bioweapon, but as time has gone on, it appears Humpty Dumpty is not being put back together again. Things are just going to be more run down, dirty, littered, and neglected from here on out.

Unless you are part of the willfully oblivious masses, the last three years have signaled that we are in the already. No, collapse is not usually something that happens overnight. We don’t go from having complex and bustling logistics networks of thousands of regional distribution centers for every conceivable consumer good and retailer to Mad Max overnight. Highly complex societies take decades or even centuries to collapse. The Soviet Union was an economic disaster from the very beginning, mass murdering millions through forced famine, imprisoning, torturing, and murdering tens of millions more to maintain its grip on power. But despite being one of the largest militaries ever assembled, despite thermonuclear weapons it could deliver anywhere on the planet, despite brutal and total control over the population, one day, the Soviet Union simply stopped existing.

Many people see the rampant sexual degeneracy and assume this means the end of our civilization is at hand. After all, how long can depraved parents bring their young children to watch men dressed as women give lap dances? How long can an online cult manipulate teenagers and preteens to have their genitals removed or chemically prevented from forming? How long can most of the children in the country be fatherless and raised by single moms? How long can the mandatory celebration of sodomy continue to go on? Surely a society like this cannot long survive?

Indeed, the sexual perversion of decadent societies often is the canary in the coal mine; signaling collapse is near. The nobility and imperial court were notoriously depraved right up to the very end of the centuries-long decline of Rome. The Marquis de Sade presaged the collapse of the Ancien Régime and the birth of modern leftism in the French Revolution. Much has been made of the rampant sexual depravity of the Weimar Republic. Both sides of the culture war are quick to point out, and for very different reasons, that Weimar Germany boasted the world’s very first trans sex change clinic. Those on the right are correct to point out that the flagrant sexual perversion of Weimar was both a symptom of that republic’s instability and one of the direct causes of the rise of the Third Reich. But when we consider the widespread degeneracy of America 2023, the perverted debauchery of Weimar is prudish and puritanical by comparison.


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