Italy: Illegal Migrant ‘Targeted Women’ in Stabbing, Robbery Rampage

Italy: Illegal Migrant ‘Targeted Women’ in Stabbing, Robbery Rampage
Опубликовано: Tuesday, 14 March 2023 06:40

A 23-year-old Moroccan boy was arrested on Tuesday in Milan after wounding six people with a knife near Milan’s central station. According to the Italian press, one of the injured was treated on the spot, while five others were taken to hospital, two of them in serious condition.

Among the latter two, a 68-year-old man who was trying to defend a couple, before being stabbed.

The author of the attack, detained in San Vittore prison, is of Moroccan origin and in an irregular situation on Italian territory. He is being prosecuted for “multiple aggravated thefts and injuries”. Indeed, the young man, armed with a versatile knife, wanted to commit theft.

He would have first targeted two women between Viale Brianza and Via Macchi before attacking a third, whom he injured in the throat to seize her handbag.

Her boyfriend was also injured when he tried to intervene. The cries would have attracted the attention of a 68-year-old man, who came to the rescue of the couple but who was in turn injured.

Another, aged 57 and who was sitting at a bar table, then tried to stop the young man, who also injured him in the process.

The author attempted to flee after the incident, but was blocked by police officers. They discovered a hospital bracelet on his wrist. He had just left the hospital, where he was admitted after a robbery last February, during which he snatched the mobile phone from a man on board a bus.

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