Sperm counts continue to PLUMMET worldwide as assault on men rages

Опубликовано: Friday, 24 February 2023 23:53

Masculinity is rapidly disappearing from the world, according to a new study published in the journal Human Reproduction Update.

An international team of researchers reviewed 2,936 scholarly abstracts and 868 full articles about the subject, as well as analyzed data from 38 sperm count studies conducted on six continents. They published their findings in this latest report, which is an update to an earlier one they published in 2017.

That 2017 study found that sperm counts had fallen in North America, Europe, and Australia by over 50 percent in 50 years. This latest study also includes new data from South and Central America, Asia, and Africa, which was not included in the earlier study.

“The aim of this study was to examine trends in sperm count among men from all continents,” the authors wrote. “The broader implications of a global decline in sperm count, the knowledge gaps left unfilled by our prior analysis, and the controversies surrounding this issue warranted an up-to-date meta-analysis.”

What was discovered is that rate of sperm decline has increased by more than double since the year 2000 to 2.64 percent per year. Between 1972 and 2000, sperm rates were declining at just 1.16 percent per year.

EDCs, plastics and other poisons sapping men of their manhood

Shanna Swan, one of the study’s authors, reviewed the findings and spoke her mind in an After Skool YouTube episode. She stated that there is clearly a “significant decline” in sperm counts pretty much everywhere in the world, including in Asia, Africa, and South America.

“Now we can conclude that among men who didn’t know what their fertility [rate] was, who are, by the way, most representative of the general population, that there was a significant decline [in sperm counts and sperm concentration] in Asia, Africa, and South America – so now we can say that our finding of a significant decline in sperm concentration and count is worldwide – that was a big change from the 2017 paper,” she said.

Besides covid injections, another major contributing factor to sperm decline is persistent exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs), particularly in plastics.

According to Swan, to blame these sperm declines on genetics as some are is a misnomer, as these would take “many generations to appear.”

“That leaves us with environment,” she says, pointing to EDCs and other masculinity-destroying toxins as the most prominent culprits in sperm decline. These are found in things like plastic bottles and containers, metal food can liners, laundry detergents, flame retardants, food packaging, toys, grocery and ATM receipts, and agricultural pesticides and herbicides.

Phthalates, which are also found in plastics, personal care products, and children’s toys, are another sperm-destroying compound class that cannot be seen with the naked eye but that is everywhere in today’s world.

“They’re hard for consumers to avoid, particularly since manufacturers are under no obligation to identify these chemical ingredients,” writes David Charbonneau for The Epoch Times about phthalates.

“Also, many of these disruptors are slow to break down in the environment, making them a long-term hazard.”

In her video, which you can watch below, Swan illustrates the process whereby phthalates and other EDCs short-circuit testosterone production in unborn male babies as they go through the development process.

“The genetic signal is for the testicles to develop and start making testosterone and here comes this foreign influence from phthalates telling the body, well, you don’t need to make as much testosterone [because] we got it covered as they occupy the spaces … of the androgen receptors, the testosterone receptors,” she explains.


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