One killed in train accident near The Hague, 30 injured

Опубликовано: Wednesday, 05 April 2023 09:03

A passenger train carrying 50 people was unable to keep its wheels on Tuesday (4 April) morning in the Netherlands after it struck construction equipment.

Rescue teams were seen transporting the injured to the scene at Voorschoten (a village near The Hague), in the pre-dawn darkness. According to emergency services, the accident occurred at 3:25 AM (0125 GMT).

Dutch radio heard that 19 people had been taken to hospital by a spokesperson from the fire department. The emergency services reported that other people were being treated right away.

According to ANP news agency, the front carriage of the night train between Leiden and The Hague was derailled and ploughed into the ground. It said that the second carriage was on its sides and that a fire started in the rear carriage, but it was soon extinguished.

There were conflicting reports on the cause of the accident.

An earlier report stated that the passenger train collided with a freight railroad. Erik Kroeze, spokesperson for Dutch Railways (NS), said that a freight train was involved but could not provide details.

Dutch Railways stated in a tweet, that trains between Leiden (and parts of The Hague) were cancelled because of the accident.

Voorschoten Mayor Nadine Steindink said: "This is an incredibly tragic incident. We are sorry that there was also a death. My thoughts and condolences go out to the loved ones."


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