Police officer shot during raids in German Reichsbuerger probe

Police officer shot during raids in German Reichsbuerger probe
Опубликовано: Friday, 24 March 2023 08:05

A German officer in police was wounded and shot during raids of properties across Germany. The raids were part of investigations into the far-right Reichsbuerger group, which is accused by plotting to overthrow government, prosecutors said on Wednesday (22 March).

According to the prosecutors, Markus L. was taken into custody on suspicion of multiple counts of attempted murder, grievous bodily injury, and attempted murder after shots were fired in Reutlingen (south of Stuttgart).

These raids follow raids that were conducted in December by German police to stop a plot organized by members of Reichsbuerger to stage a violent coup. They also wanted to install Heinrich XIII Grund Reuss national leader.

Reichsbuerger (Citizens of Reich) don’t recognize modern-day Germany to be a legitimate country.

Five people were targeted in raids in Germany and Switzerland for being part of a terrorist organization. A further 14 people were not suspected but could have useful material.

Spiegel Online reported that several members of German security services were among the suspects and witnesses who were searched. It said that investigators also wanted to see four reservists, three police officers and a captain of the naval fleet.

The Prosecutors weren’t immediately available for comment.

Germany’s domestic intelligence service Verfassungsschutz put the Reichsbuerger movement under observation in 2016.


The agency estimates that around 21,000 people are members of the movement today, with 5% being considered far-right extremists. The movement’s ownership of weapons has been a concern for authorities.

"Federal prosecutors had searched 20 properties today. This is related to the Reichsbuerger incident. "A policeman was shot," Marco Buschmann, Justice Minister, tweeted.

"This is a clear indication of the dangers involved in these missions. He stated that it is the responsibility of the authorities to disarm Reichsbuerger.

Markus L. was initially treated as a witness, rather than a suspect. When officers entered Markus L.’s apartment, they identified themselves to prosecutors.

They found Markus L. in their living room, where he was already pointing a high calibre gun at officers. He also refused to surrender, they stated.

Prosecutors stated in a statement that a "police officer was wounded in an exchange of fire" The officer was taken into custody.

Nancy Faeser, interior minister of Germany, stated that Germany’s gun laws must be tightened.

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