Massive manhunt in France after smuggler blows checkpoint in van carrying Illegal Migrants

Massive manhunt in France after smuggler blows checkpoint in van carrying Illegal Migrants
Опубликовано: Tuesday, 14 March 2023 06:37

The journey of the smuggler who was carrying some 25 migrants in a van did not go as planned, when passing through Seine-et-Marne. While traveling on the A6 , he was confronted with a police check, near Saint-Sauveur-sur-Ecole. The driver crashed through and fled. The vehicle was quickly found but the occupants had fled through the woods.

A large force of gendarmerie was deployed to find the fugitives. The Fontainebleau company, helped by units from Essonne and a helicopter from the air section, crisscrossed the terrain. About 25 soldiers took part in the operation.

In administrative detention

In the end, 13 illegal Indian and Pakistani nationals were intercepted. Some of them had left their country for several weeks. For their part, the smuggler and the two front passengers of the van disappeared into the wild. They are actively sought in the context of legal proceedings for assistance in entering illegal residence and refusal to comply.

The arrested migrants were subject to administrative detention. The prefecture of Seine-et-Marne has issued an obligation to leave French territory for some of them. Others have applied for asylum.

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