Swedish Police Arrest Iraqi Criminals for Kidnapping, Drugging, and Raping Teenage Girls

Swedish Police Arrest Iraqi Criminals for Kidnapping, Drugging, and Raping Teenage Girls
Опубликовано: Sunday, 12 February 2023 06:38

In a Falkenberg apartment, three ladies were abducted, drugged, and sexually assaulted.

Between Thursday and Friday of last week, Zayar Kamaran Mahmod and Sarmad Blasini reportedly kept three young ladies against their will in an apartment and sexually assaulted them.

They were held for kidnapping and aggravated rape in the afternoon.

Blasini’s detention hearing was postponed because the translator failed to translate and was too afraid to identify himself for Blasini to hear. He would translate in the Badinani dialect of northern Kurdistan.

Kurdish interpretation was provided for Kamaran Mahmod.

According to the prosecution, the young women were detained against their will on Thursday and Friday of last week at Blasini’s residence. They must have been the victims of a violent rape, and based on earlier reports, they must have been drugged.

One of the ladies succeeded in making a barefoot escape from the residence and calling the police. Witnesses have described the subsequent massive police operation, which included cops rushing the flat where the young ladies were being kept with their pistols drawn and police dogs.

The flat is situated next to Tullbroskolan on Strandvägen in Falkenberg.

– I’m not doing it to fight, but I don’t want to provide additional details in such a delicate position.

Due to pre-trial secrecy, the on-call prosecutor Klas Lundgren keeps quiet, but he did divulge some facts.

Young ladies and teens have been identified as the victims. Can it be assumed that they are between the ages of 18 and 19?

Neither one nor the other is defined there.

You can infer that they are older than 15 years old. 13 to 14-year-old girls may not be considered young ladies. Young ladies are defined as teenagers between the ages of 15 and 19.

Then why won’t you reveal if they are over or under 18?

Lundgren responds, “No, I don’t do it anymore.”

Junior high school Tullbroskolan is nearby.

There were, according to Klas Lundgren, roughly 10 interrogations. The two suspects were already questioned on Friday. Some witnesses and the vulnerable women have been heard.

It might be someone else in the Halmstad prosecutor’s office or Klas Lundgren who receives the case on their desk. He presided over the detention hearing as the jury’s attorney.

Are there any indications that this is a part of anything bigger than just the two suspects?

– It is also too soon to make a judgment.

Because you’re unable to or because you don’t know?

There are currently no overt indications of this, but you can never completely rule out the possibility.

Do you believe the women entered the residence on their own volition?

– Information regarding how that process worked is available, but it’s unclear if it was voluntary or not. Actually, it is a question of judgment.

Hearing on detention

They were both taken into custody on Friday for aggravated rape and unlawful detention. The offence had been changed to abduction by the time the weekend prosecutor submitted his remand motion on Sunday.

Kidnapping and aggravated rape each have a mandatory minimum jail term of more than two years. The prosecutor’s burden to prove that there is a risk of further criminal activity, a risk of escape, or that the defendant can obstruct the inquiry is therefore reduced.

The person can then be imprisoned if they agree to one of the risks, according to Lundgren.

Kidnapping carries a sentence of life in prison or a 4–18 year sentence. Aggravated rape carries a sentence of five to ten years in jail.

The one man was previously given an eight-year jail sentence for assault, as well as for stealing and violating the Knife Act, according to Aftonbladet. Both have had drug-related convictions.

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