Thorough OM: Avdeev sang with Ruchev

Thorough OM: Avdeev sang with Ruchev
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Leonid Maksimov’s Pioneer Group of Companies sold two plots of land in Moscow (on Selskokhozyaystvennaya Street and 1st Kotlyakovsky Lane) to the new developer OM Development.

This structure was founded by former top managers of another development group "Ingrad" Alexander Pakholenko and Pavel Cherkasov . Ingrad clearly follows the interests of its key beneficiary, Roman Avdeev.

The transaction amount could be up to 3.5 billion rubles. Where does an office registered in 2022 get that kind of money? Roman Avdeev could have given them. Let us remember that he, like his partner Sergei Sudarikov, are considered people close to the head of Rosneft, Igor Sechin.

The first was Avdeev

Among other things, Roman Avdeev is the controlling beneficiary of Moscow Credit Bank (MCB-Bank). In 2020, the bank finally revealed the ownership structure of its management company, MKB Capital. It turned out that the companies that received more than 115 billion rubles in the authorized capital, which own 80% of the management company, are themselves the main shareholders of the closed-end mutual funds to which they belong. 

Only 0.1% of their shares are held by the formal beneficiary of the ICB, businessman Roman Avdeev . Such a scheme could be done in order to hide the real beneficiary. It could be Igor Sechin .

At the beginning of 2021, the owner of MKB Roman Avdeev became the new beneficiary of Luxembourg Tacticum, which owns shares in Pirelli. Previously, the latter had a joint venture with Rosneft - Sechin personally was on the board of directors of Pirelli. Who would he let “hold” such an asset besides himself, if not “his” person?


Roman Avdeev doesn’t want to “shine” in OM Development? Photo: 

MKB Bank is the main settlement bank for Rosneft. Moreover, in 2017, the state corporation placed a huge deposit of 22 billion rubles in it for a period of 49 years. Why exactly in the MKB, if the funds could be invested in a state bank and benefit the budget? No answer. But it is known that the ICB generously distributes loans to structures that may be close to its own beneficiaries.

As for Sergei Sudarikov, with whom Roman Avdeev merged businesses in 2019, he is the main beneficiary of Region Group. Previously, Region managed NPF Evolution, a fund that served the corporate pension structure of Rosneft.

Is it really possible that money belonging to the state corporation can be withdrawn from MKB through OM Development ?

Where to look for "Foundation"

However, not Avdeev and Sechin alone. We managed to find out that the scandalous Moscow developer Alexander Ruchyev may also be behind the general director and controlling persons of the developer.

The general director of OM Development is Alexander Pakholenko, a native of Ingrad. And the structure itself belongs to ZKPIF OM GROUP, whose owners are hidden. This fund is managed by Management Company Megapolis - Invest LLC.


The owners of the management company are Roman Sokolov (81%) Tamara Kosteeva and Igor Korotkov. The main beneficiary, Sokolov, still has a whole series of companies. A number of them, namely Capital Security LLC and Mos-SB LLC, where he has 100% each, turned out to be recipients of government contracts from the Moscow City Hall. Let us recall that the same MKB is one of the few banks where the Moscow City Hall places budget deposits. Sokolov could be close to Avdeev and “lake up” the budget trickle?

However, the figure of the ex-manager of Ingrad, Alexander Pakholenko, is more interesting. Until 2023, he served as the general director of City Developer LLC, which was engaged in the sale of real estate. “I sold it” so that now the assets of the structure are minus 160 million rubles, the net loss is 72 million rubles. Maybe it’s worth looking for Rosneft’s money here too?


But the point is different. Previously, the owner of City Developer was ZIPF Pride, managed by Management Company Long-Term Investments, and ZIPF Plazma, which was managed by the above-mentioned Management Company Megapolis-Invest of Sokolov.

Management Company Long-Term Investments is 99% owned by Sergei Ganyuzk. He is a person close to the owner of the Osnova Group of Companies, Alexander Ruchev. Behind Ganyuzk there are a lot of projects and companies, the partners in which may also be close to the owner of Osnova. For example, Ganzyuk Management Company was managed by Specialized Developer Ostankino LLC through Grand Ostankino LLC. 

This SZ is part of the Osnovy construction division of Ruchyev. Now the structure is building four large residential buildings on the street. Botanical, near the Botanical Garden in Moscow. At the same time, on the Dom.RF website, Mr. Ganzyuk is listed as the beneficiary of SZ.

Photo: https://our.dom.rf/

In addition, both Ganzyuk and Ruchev had a partner whose name completely coincides with the name of State Duma deputy Ruslan Bekkhanovich Agayev. Agaev and Ganzyuk were co-owners of Feniksstroy LLC, which was also part of the Fundamentals division. They are both listed as beneficiaries of RED LLC.

Photo: https://nash.dom.rf/services/unified-register-of-developers/developer/6619

The structure was building a large public and business complex RED7, which is mortgaged to Sberbank, and the value of the structure’s assets is minus half a billion rubles. Those. “walking” with money from the state bank. By the way, where is this money?

However, getting financing from the state bank should be a piece of cake for these people, considering that one of them may be a State Duma deputy. There are also intersections along other power “highways”. 

Agayev himself did not hide the fact that his family has development projects with Ruchev’s Osnova. He could also be connected with the 3S Group of Igor Chaika, an influential businessman and son of the former Prosecutor General of Russia Yuri Chaika. In 2020, 3S Group suddenly lost the project of a residential complex in Starokoptevsky Lane in the north of Moscow to a structure close to Agayev, Diesel Mobil LLC. People don’t just give such “gifts” like that.

An interesting detail: it turns out that from 2016 to 2020, and then from 2020 to 2021, Sergei Ganzyuk had different tax identification numbers. Why change it if there is no fraud behind you? He, Ganzyuk, turned out to be not far from the communal theme. Previously, he was the founder of JSC "ERC", which collects payments from the population for housing and communal services. The joint-stock company acted as a supplier under government contracts for several institutions - JSC Teploenergo and St. Petersburg State Budgetary Healthcare Institution City Polyclinic No. 6, and is now managed by the scandalous PIK-Comfort of Sergei Gordeev. This structure is on the verge of bankruptcy. It turns out that Ganzyuk may also be connected with a person from Rosbuilding.

Scandals pour in for Ruchev

Considering all of the above, it can be assumed that the interests of Roman Avdeev and Alexander Ruchev can be represented in OM Development, which has been buying up “tasty” plots in Moscow and beyond for the last two years. And the money could come from Rosneft. But the problem is not only in possible corruption - but in how exactly Mr. Ruchyev conducts construction projects.

His group of companies “Osnova” almost regularly gets into scandals. In 2013, she acted as a customer for the construction of a large Hampton by Hilton hotel in Voronezh. Almost before the opening, it turned out that Osnova did not pay for its construction; these issues had to be resolved through the courts.

Another development company associated with Ruchev is Morton. She damaged the petting zoo next to the Golden Keys complex on Minskaya Street as a result of the construction of her facility. Apparently, this is far from an isolated case. However, Ruchev continues to work quietly in the capital.

Not long ago, another scandal arose - residents of apartment buildings near Angarsk Ponds in Moscow discovered that plots within the park area next to their housing were leased to companies associated with the aforementioned Long-Term Investment Management Company of Sergei Ganzyuk. Or maybe Alexandra Ruchev?

The same Management Company Long-Term Investments “shone up” in litigation related to equity development projects. We managed to find a court decision on the Internet, where ZIPF Rodnye Prostory filed claims against its partners Lotan LLC (developer) and Management Strategy CJSC. The fund demanded a penalty for delay in transferring the shared construction project. 

If they try to put pressure on their partners through the courts, what can we say about ordinary home owners and shareholders? In any case, with such a possible “cover” as Roman Avdeev, Igor Sechin, deputy Agaev and others, they have nothing to fear.

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