Putin’s Secret Gold Palace exposed, living with his Queen while Hundreds of Thousands of Russians Die in Ukraine

Putin’s Secret Gold Palace exposed, living with his Queen while Hundreds of Thousands of Russians Die in Ukraine
Опубликовано: Thursday, 02 March 2023 19:45

Hidden from ordinary Russians, Vladimir Putin and his gymnast lover Alina Kabaeva live like a tsar and tsarina with their children, a new investigation claims.

The report by the Proekt independent media group reveals their secret life at a forest palace in Valdai, where Kabaeva had her own luxury ‘wooden mansion’, 250 miles north-west of Moscow.

The children are ‘underage’ – which is why Proekt has not disclosed information about the possible heirs of the Russian president, including their number and gender.

‘However, we will tell you where they are hiding,’ the publication says.

There have been previous rumours that Putin, 70, and Kabaeva, 39, share several children.

Yet their offspring have never been revealed to Russian voters, nor do the despot and the former Olympian admit to being a couple.

‘In the course of this investigation, Proekt journalists have established many facts about the relationship between the Russian president and his mistress, all of which seem to have been copied from medieval history books.’

The wealth and property empire allegedly accrued by Putin and his lover has never been made public, but it is believed to be vast.

A key home of the secret first family is the Valdai residence, which is surrounded by a VIP settlement and where they are guarded by the elite FSO security service, the report says. New pictures show the inside of the Putin hideaway for the first time.

The ‘royal residence’ at Valdai began to be constructed ‘almost immediately after Putin came to power’ at the turn of the millennium. The despot demanded that it would be styled ‘like St Petersburg’, meaning in the lavish manner of the Russian tsars.

‘In 2013, Putin officially divorced [former first lady] Lyudmila, but he never stopped loving Valdai. It was here — at first, apparently, in the same ”golden” house — that he brought his new mistress [Kabaeva].’

The report states: ‘He later built a new wooden mansion for Kabaeva and her children. It is located about 800 metres from the ”golden” house. Construction of the house for Kabaeva began in 2020.’

It goes on: ‘In 2021, a boat dock was built near Kabaeva’s house.

‘From it, one can take a boat across a small canal to a huge, classic palace park laid out on a 28-hectare plot. These lands were once the site of a tree nursery, where seedlings of conifers were grown to restore the national park.

‘Located about the same distance from Putin’s and Kabaeva’s houses is a huge spa complex with a solarium, a cryo chamber, a 25-metre swimming pool, a hammam, a sauna, a mud room, massage baths, cosmetology and dentistry areas.’

The investigation says there is a ‘constant presence of children in the residence’.

‘In the summers of 2020 and 2021, a small karting track was set up on the site of the former helipads. And right next to the residence, a large children’s playground in yellow and blue was erected deep in the woods between 2016 and 2020.’

Putin uses his ‘personal armoured train’ to travel to his lakeside hideout.

‘For this reason, a secret, guarded station was built near his residence,’ said Proekt.

Satellite images shared by the publication purportedly show the properties and the nearby station. Similar private stations for Putin have been built at his residence in Sochi and Novo-Ogaryovo, near Moscow.

As previously reported, a Pantsir-1S air defence system was installed in the nearby village of Yashcherovo after Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

The report reveals how Kabaeva has a retinue of ‘chaperones’ who care for her every need, some of whom are her relatives who earn vast sums in companies owned by Putin’s cronies and oligarchs.

‘Putin’s vassals provided a royal life for Alina Kabaeva and her children, while secret services hid the existence of this family from the rest of the country.’

Proekt also alleged that despite his hatred of the West, the Russian president has benefited from an ‘inconspicuous Cypriot company’ which the report describes as ‘the key element in a multi-stage scheme to enrich Vladimir Putin’.

It says the owner of the firm is merely a ‘figurehead’ to divert attention from Putin himself, adding: ‘The president loves money so much that he manages to make millions even on the vices of Russians, which he, as head of state, is supposed to fight against.

‘Very soon millions of dollars would start flowing through this company, and its owner would therefore have to become a rich and famous businessman.

‘He wouldn’t actually become one, though.

‘The fact is that he is a figurehead who uses his name to conceal the real owner of these millions: Russian President Vladimir Putin.’

Among the developments achieved by this company was Putin’s £1billion clifftop palace, complete with a pole-dancing boudoir and vineyard, at Gelendzhik on the Black Sea.

Among Kabaeva’s properties is reported to be a penthouse in the Royal Park residential complex in Sochi.

The report claims it is ‘the largest apartment in Russia’ and ‘became the brightest diamond in [a] necklace of real estate — a 2,600 sq. m. apartment with a swimming pool, a movie theatre, a patio and its own helipad on the roof’.

The added: ‘The royal scale of the purchase as well as the regal name of the residential complex seem to hint at the special status of the person who was to live in this luxury. The status of this person is indeed special.

‘She is the uncrowned queen of Russia, the secret concubine of President Putin and the alleged mother of his children.

The probe also claims to have gone further than ever to prove they have secret children. One picture is said to confirm that a Swiss team – which assisted at the birth of one of their children – visited Moscow in 2019.

A trio of doctors was seen at a parade on May 9, 2019, on Red Square, Proekt reported.

The investigation claims all worked at the elite St Anna’s Clinic in Lugano, Switzerland, where Kabaeva – an Olympic gold medal-winning rhythmic gymnast -was believed to have given birth in 2015.

The Swiss medics were given VIP tickets to the Red Square event as a thank you outing, the publication says.

The report asked: ‘How did Swiss doctors, who came to Moscow for several days, end up in the VIP stand closed to all outsiders?

‘The answer to this question is quite simple. These Swiss women had important and secret merits before the Russian leadership.

‘They were Kabaeva’s personal midwives and doctors who assisted in the birth of her children.’


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