Nurse Suspended From NHS Course For Saying ‘Being White Doesn’t Make You Racist’

Nurse Suspended From NHS Course For Saying ‘Being White Doesn’t Make You Racist’
Опубликовано: Monday, 27 February 2023 16:32

A Christian nurse was left with ‘crippling anxiety’ after she was ‘bullied’ by ‘woke’ NHS chiefs for saying that being white doesn’t make you racist.

Amy Gallagher, 34, a mental health nurse from Orpington, Kent, was on a forensic psychology course training to be a psychotherapist at the Portman clinic, which is part of The Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust.

In an exclusive interview with MailOnline Amy has revealed how NHS bosses caused her ‘crippling anxiety’ after she challenged their ‘racist’ and ‘offensive’ views in lectures she was forced to attend.

Lecturers at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust told her ‘whites don’t understand the world’ and ‘Christianity is responsible for racism because it’s European’ in a series of ‘politically biased’ talks.

One of the Tavistock’s seminars was even called ‘Whiteness — a problem for our time’ and included a description on the Trust’s website that ‘the problem of racism is a problem of whiteness’.

When Amy challenged these controversial views she was ‘bullied’ by staff and suspended from the course, pending an investigation into whether she is safe to work with patients.

Almost a year later, no investigation has taken place.

It means her dream of becoming a psychotherapist is hanging by a thread.

As if that wasn’t enough, a course lecturer also tried to get her banned from her day job as a practising mental health nurse.

However, the 34-year-old is fighting back.

Amy is suing the Tavistock for religious and racial discrimination.

It’s a case that may be one of the first trials of wokeness.

However, it’s not the first time the Tavistock Trust has faced scrutiny.

The same trust faced court for giving children puberty-blocking drugs at their Gender Identity Development Service, which is being disbanded after a damning independent review.

Speaking about her treatment by The Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust Amy told MailOnline: ‘I never attacked anyone.

‘I just said we need to have a different viewpoint.

‘There’s nothing wrong with what I have said.

‘I want some justice for what’s been done to me. It’s had an affect on my mental health.

‘I had anxiety. It’s been really hard.’

Amy said she had suffered from ‘back pain’ and ‘sleepless nights’ as a result.

One of the ideas lecturers presented as ‘fact’ was Critical Race Theory, a controversial idea that rejects belief of meritocracy or colour blindness in terms of race and says racism is systemic and socially constructed.

Amy disagreed with the controversial theory that many scholars have also criticised.

She said Critical Race Theory was a ‘suspect’ and ‘racist’ idea that was ‘offensive to all races’.

She said: ‘Racism against any race should be wrong.

‘Critical Race Theory will only turn itself around when enough people stand up to it.

‘I can’t believe they are doing this stuff.

‘They are pushing this really radical agenda.

‘We need to be aware that not everyone holds this view.’

After challenging the controversial views made in the lectures, NHS bosses told Amy the course might not be right for her.

She said: ‘My idea of racism is the colour blind approach of Martin Luther King.

‘The Tavistock said that was outdated.

‘I said I don’t like the views expressed. [They] told me to stop speaking and said I lacked maturity, that I created a traumatising environment.

‘I was shocked.

‘I was working really hard to be a psychotherapist.’

Seven weeks later, the Tavistock told Amy she had spoken ‘inappropriately about race’.

Then, in March last year she was suspended from the course pending an investigation into whether she was unsafe to be with patients as a result of her views.

Amy said: ‘There is supposed to be a mediation process. They didn’t follow their own guidelines.

‘I felt like everyone was against me. I took legal action against them. I started up a crowdfund.

Amy accused her NHS course organisers of ‘bullying’ her.

‘They said I was unsafe to see patients. They have stopped me from qualifying.

‘The HR department say there is student support you can access but I don’t go to it. I don’t trust them. I thought I would get more of the same.

‘I’m left not knowing what’s happening to my qualification.’

After Amy told her story in the press, she said NHS chiefs at the Tavistock ‘started to bully me’.

One of them complained to the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) that she shouldn’t be allowed to practise as a nurse because she was ‘unfit to work with diverse persons’.

Amy said: ‘It’s how I pay my mortgage. My career is under threat.

‘She said that I had offensive speech. She encouraged the other students to speak up against me.’

Although the NMC dismissed the complaint, Amy remains banned from carrying out clinical work at the Tavistock while the Trust investigates whether it is safe for her to work with patients.

Without finishing her clinical work she won’t be able to qualify as a psychotherapist.

Amy is hopeful the British justice system will come to her aid and said it would be ‘shocking’ if she lost the court case.

She said: ‘I’m hoping to take Critical Race Theory to court and get some witnesses to show these ideas are not part of psychotherapy.

‘Politicians are not doing anything to stop this.

‘I’m trying to save my career.’

A Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust spokesperson told MailOnline: ‘As this is a live legal matter we are unable to comment on the allegations.’


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